Essential Oils Aroma Diffuser

Pure freshness!

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LOOVE Jasmine – Indoor Ultrasonic Diffuser

With a dimmed light it gives perfect ambiance

  • The latest ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Your room will be filled with the wonderful scent of Lavender (Or any scent you choose)
  • You just put Essential Oil drops into the water
  • You can also use this as a humidifier

You can put it on when you go to sleep – Shuts off automatically when water has evaporated.

LOOVE Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

LOOVE Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

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Stylish Models

Get a stylish model that goes with your personality, interior decor or just personal choice. You won’t get a bigger selection at great prices!


Striking Designs

With a range of striking and unique designs, we have a Diffuser for each house, room, setting or taste!

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Get More & Save

We have bundled some of the easily accessible and popular designs for you to save. Get bundles of 3 for your bedroom, sitting room and one additional room and save both on product price & shipping!

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Best of the Designs



It’s just the best addiction out there!

LOOVE Jasmine Ultrasonic Diffuser is a second generation, safe, portable and simple way of diffusing essential oils at home, work or any closed space.

By adding 100ml of water and a few drops of essential oil, you can easily diffuse best aroma from your favorite essential oils without heating for between 3-8 hours.