5 Reasons Why Ultrasonic Diffuser is the best Gifting Idea 2017

If you’ve not heard about the Essential Oil & Aroma Ultrasonic diffuser, then you are not alone! In 2017, it is one of the best gifts to give your family, friends or co-workers.

We’ve compiled 5 reasons why the diffuser is ranked right at the top of your festive gift items this season and beyond! It’s not only divine, but thoughtful, caring and special gift for your family, friends and colleagues at work!

1      It’s just new, cool & presentable!

LOOVE Ultrasonic Diffuser, is just a cool, ingenious and innovative gadget; yet, it is simple and effective in what it does.

Using an ultrasonic plate at its base, the vibration of this plate are so high that they break water and essential oils into little particles without heating. This helps in keeping the integrity of essential oils intact!

The most striking cool thing about this device is the ability to break water and essential oil into mist! Cool mist rises from the outlet without heating at all! It is safe to use, works quickly, uses less essential oils and dissipates the scent to cover a wide area!

Above all, it is small in size, presentable & neat! It is the kind of gift that says, “I truly care!”.

This makes it portable and easy to move from room to room!

2      Health & Wellness benefits of using essential oils & aromatherapy.

Essential oils are known for numerous benefits that promote health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help balance and promote healthier body and mind. The use of essential oils helps to promote relaxation, stress-relief, mood enhancement and a whole host of other health benefits arising from the stimulating properties of essential oils.

Some oils have been shown to stimulate production & release of certain hormones in our body e.g. serotonin that helps to keep calm and relaxed.

During the festive season, there is no better way to relax. Get your family, friends and colleagues the LOOVE ultrasonic diffuser and will certainly be giving a gift of health and wellness!

3      Universal and Unisex – Best gift for any gender!

Both ladies and gents LOOVE this diffuser!

It is the kind of gift that you can give to either ladies or gents without offending them. Sometimes it is difficult to decide on what to buy for a gift and the headaches can lead to procrastination and sometimes absconding the thought altogether!

LOOVE Diffuser is a great gift that crosses gender gifting barriers.

4      Best Price, Best Service – Guaranteed!

Cantomart.co.za is the largest ultrasonic diffuser distributor in South Africa. We beat any prices (when bought from cantomart.co.za) by buying it directly from us!

In addition, we offer 1 year guarantee on our device. If there is any fault to the diffuser, just send it back and we shall refund you immediately or replace it for a new one!

Using LOOVE ultrasonic diffuser is one of the cheapest and most affordable ways of enjoying the benefits of essential oils. Once you buy one, the diffuser will give you great service for years on end! All you need to do is keep replenishing the essential oils – which you use less and lasts you longer!

5      A gift they didn’t know they needed!

LOOVE ultrasonic diffuser is a rare, unique and new gadget in the market. South Africa has become crazy about this gadget, not mention that it follows the love South Africans have for Essential Oils.

The diffuser is a PERFECT gift for those that you love! From our significant other, to parents, friends, co-workers, grandparents, in-laws… they will LOOVE you for this gift.