5 Considerations when Choosing the right Backpack for Back-to-School

Back to school is always a trying time for parents wondering how to get Back-to-School items for the young ones. Shoes, Pants, Socks, etc is always a pain! They want new ones and in most cases fashionable ones that will stand out!

Here are 5 key considerations:

  1. Can it last throughout the year? – You don’t want to be bothered in the middle of the year to start looking for a new one! Get one that will last for a minimum of one year. 
  2. Cost – Unless you are not cost conscious, backpacks should not cost more than $60. Yes, even for custom designed ones, I don’t see why they should cost hundreds of dollars!
  3. Fashion/Style – This is often underated by the parent, but highly overated by your son or daughter! Most children would LOVE to get something unique, fresh and most of all, one that speaks of their abilities! It helps them stand out and most importantly motivates them to get better at what they already love!
  4. Functionality – Does it have enough space for all the needs of the child? At least a large back pocket and a few side pockets should be the minimum to look out for. The large compartment should be large enough to carry the main items required for school and lunch packs!
  5. Ease of Cleaning – Backpacks will inevitably get dirty and in most cases filthy! – Can it be washed without loss of color? Both the inside and outside of the backpack should be easy to wash both with water and in the washing machine!

Hope this helps you next time you go looking for a backpack. 

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